Welcome. The Heart Pyre is a community-driven choose-your-own-adventure narrative podcast that updates every two weeks. After each episode three paths on which the story could continue on are presented and the listeners can vote for which path they prefer.

Rena, a sixteen year old girl, comes home to find her home town burning and everyone and everything she ever loved gone in an instant. She meets Rodrick, an old court artificer now wandering the lands, for whom the news of an entire town burning down and the local authorities barely acknowledging it is nothing new. Along the way they team up with other companions, who each hold their own grudges, to figure out who is responsible for these fires, how deep the corruption of the royal council actually runs and why there are whispers about the old Gods again.

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Bonus Episode – Letters concerning the transfer of power in the Grey Isles The Heart Pyre

Bonus episode which narrates the letters Asha found in the archives at the end of episode 10.Find the transcript on theheartpyre.comIntro music: Lonely Dusty Trail by Jon PresstoneLogo design: Mars LauderbaughSupport the show
  1. Bonus Episode – Letters concerning the transfer of power in the Grey Isles
  2. Bonus Episode – Letters concerning the destruction of Miller’s Knee
  3. Episode 10 – A Way In
  4. Episode 9 – The keepers of truth
  5. Episode 8 – Gone but not forgotten
  6. Episode 7 – So Close, So Far
  7. Episode 6 – The City Of Rancor
  8. Episode 5 – Where The Road Leads Us
  9. Episode 4 – A Cruel Silence
  10. Episode 3 – A Stranger In The Dark

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