Main Characters

Rena of Oceansthrow

Rena is a sixteen year old girl from VILLAGE in one of the southern provinces of KINGDOM. She enjoyed a quiet life with her parents and SIX siblings until she found her village in ruins after it had burned to the ground. She knows it is unlikely that she will find out what truly happened to her family and village but she cannot stop herself from trying to uncover the truth.

Rodrick Hal-Varika and Vincent

Rodrick wasn’t born in KINGDOM but came to the royal court in his early twenties as a talented artificer. After having spent most of his life at the whims of the aristocracy he has decided to wander the lands in his self-made steam-powered caravan, enjoying the freedom to pursue the whims of his own curiosity and the companionship of his dog.

Logan of Hellar’s Dip

Logan will appear later in season 1.

Asha Stormriver

Asha will appear later in season 1.

Finn Liberic

Finn will appear later in season 1.